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Position Available – Full Stack Marketer – Full Time – Amsterdam


About Implicit-Explicit


We are a marketing agency but unlike other marketing agencies we are software people at heart. Our clients choose us because they are too. We speak their language and we help them to grow their businesses.

We use the term marketing agency because growth agency sounds too hipster, and business development consultancy sounds too boring, but in truth we do all of the above. Our offering lies at the intersection of marketing, sales and PR but the goal is always the same: helping our clients to grow their businesses.

This work takes many forms; we may be doing SEO for a client’s website in the morning and organising the Software Circus conference in the afternoon. One week we’re in Amsterdam running meetups to promote HashiCorp’s amazing open source tooling, the next we’re in London helping SpectoLabs to find product-market fit for their new tool HoverFly.

We’re a young company, and we’re in heavy demand, so it’s now our turn to grow.


About you


Since we’re a young company everyone still does a bit of everything, if you’re looking for a job with fixed hours and a super-concrete role definition you should stop reading now.

To succeed at Implicit-Explicit you’ll be a T-shaped person with deep skills in some areas and a general interest in all areas. You are a very curious person and you are constantly learning new things. Our clients choose us because we speak their language, so you’re either a techy already or you want to learn to be one. Recently for example, Richard started learning Python with no previous programming experience. If we’re going to stay in demand, this sort of learning is essential.

We try to work together as much as possible, but since our clients are spread all over the world we sometimes have to work apart. You are comfortable with travelling and working alone occasionally.

Being a small company means that everybody is on the front lines. Working with clients, meeting new people, attending meetups and conferences. You’re socially comfortable and it would be great if you were comfortable speaking in public, but if not we can include that in your training. The same applies to writing a coherent blog post.

About the role of Full Stack Marketer


Your role is to make our clients extremely happy.

This involves many activities. We made a list of all the things we were involved in last year. It was a lot longer than we expected and it’s nowhere near complete.

Building and running marketing strategies, running the Software Circus conference, promoting other conferences, speaking at conferences, speaking at meetups, organising (lots of) meetups, SEO, copywriting, networking, outbound sales, blogging, creating simple web pages, creating open source tooling for growth hacking, creating technical eBooks, organising webinars, contributing to our open source tooling, digesting lots of new ideas and sharing them with the team, managing projects, PR, growth hacking, inbound marketing, marketing workshops, running a marketing podcast…

If you are an expert in some of these things and interested in others then we should talk. Our client base is growing quickly and these are the skills we use right now, but this world moves quickly, so the role of Full Stack Marketer more than anything else requires that you are a fast learner.


The nitty gritty

  • Competitive salary
  • Unlimited book budget
  • Unlimited holiday allowance*
  • We’d prefer that you work at our office in Amsterdam, but are willing to consider remote candidates
  • Relocation may be possible depending on the visa relationship between your country and the Netherlands


*We’ll explain more about this in person

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