Putting OpenCredo in the limelight

black-and-white-crowdOpenCredo are a growing software consultancy based in London who contacted Implicit-Explicit in the Summer of 2015 to help them communicate their wide skill set to the world.

OpenCredo’s consultants can do many things very well, so deciding what to concentrate on when marketing was the biggest challenge. We started with our two-day marketing workshop which requires attendees from various roles to work together to arrive at a single marketing goal.

“The workshop was very useful”, says Jonas Partner, CEO and co-founder of OpenCredo. “By working through our assumptions, we were able to get the whole team aligned around a single goal.”

Once the workshop was complete, Mark from Implicit-Explicit switched to a coaching role as OpenCredo started rolling out new marketing experiments. This is vital as teams often lose focus and energy after the inital high of future thinking.

As with all projects, there were ups and downs. Web traffic sky rocketed but the new approach also created some friction with the company.

Jonas reflects, “Mark’s broad experience and positive attitude allowed us to keep moving during the tricky initial period. I feel that we’ve ‘turned the corner’ and we are now seeing the effects in our sales pipeline.”

Working with OpenCredo has been a damn pleasure and if you haven’t heard of them yet, I’m sure you’ll be seeing much more of them before too long.

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