The Container Data People

ClusterHQ call themselves ‘The Container Data People’. With their tool, Flocker, they are attempting to solve the storage question for Docker containers: an ambitious goal.

ClusterHQ understood early on that building the right product would require a constant dialogue with current and potential users. Michael Ferranti, VP of Marketing explains: “We have two main goals; making noise about Flocker to attract potential users while at the same time getting those early adopters to share their ideas about the future of the product with us.”

Having run a successful user group session in San Francisco, ClusterHQ now wanted to repeat the same thing at a larger scale in Europe. Michael Ferranti says: “Implicit-Explicit’s experience and large reach in Europe was exactly what we needed to boost the process.” After some initial discussions we decided that face-to-face would really be the best way to engage with future users.

A user group was announced in Amsterdam and later on in London as well. At both events the rooms were packed with engaged, professional and highly technical people — being ClusterHQ’s target audience. Afterwards those attending all reflected back on the evenings as being “of content” as well as being very enjoyable. (Make no mistake, the latter we appreciate as much as a required result as the former.) More importantly, ClusterHQ went home with a lot of new and very valuable feedback.

Now, after a huge effort ClusterHQ are announcing version 1.0 of Flocker at DockerConSF’15. Right on time! “Implicit-Explicit have been a very valuable partner during the first stages of Flocker’s development”, says Michael Ferranti, “…we’re looking forward to working with them again very soon”. “And of course”, Mark replies, “we feel the same way!”

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