Championing HashiCorp

Championing: tug of war

Hashicorp, the world famous creators of developer tools including Vagrant, Consul, Vault and Atlas asked Implicit-Explicit to help them make a bigger impact in Europe with their tool Consul. Kevin Fishner, Director of Sales and Marketing at HashiCorp explains: “Consul is seeing accelerated adoption in the US and we wanted to find a way to achieve this in Europe.”

“Let there be champions!”, Mark acclaimed, feeling really good about this. “Such good tooling deserves brave men touting its horns…” Luckily, HashiCorp appreciated the sentiment and agreed to pursue said course. All that was left was to get to a short list of well known European companies willing and able to blog about their choice for Consul. Kevin Fishner explains: “By getting these large companies to talk about their experiences, we’re exposing Consul to users looking for a service discovery solution, and importantly providing hard won lessons that potential customers can base their tooling decisions on.”The project is still underway. Results so far have been very positive. Consul users are very pleased and have been more than willing to talk about it online. Pleased with the partnership, Kevin Fishner already shares his recommendation: “Implicit-Explicit gave Consul exposure in Europe that would have been difficult for us to achieve ourselves. We’re looking forward to future work with Implicit-Explicit and would recommend them to any company who is trying to get exposure for its technical products.” Wow. Just wow…

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